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Switchboard Upgrades

What does your switchboard look like? Is it recessed in the wall behind closed doors?

When the house has been re-wired the switchboard is replaced at the same time, along with the most recent safety devices such as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) to protect your home and ensure it is electrically up to date.

What’s involved:

  • Check the Main Earth is intact – if not, upgrade.
  • Checking the condition and size of mains.
  • Checking the sub circuits condition and size (if old will strongly suggest to upgrade at the same time).
  • Turning off the power for a number of hours while new board gets installed.
  • Replace the switchboard to a plastic surface/recessed board with new circuit breakers and RCDs.
  • Visit from the Inspector before livening.
  • Carry out testing.

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