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We install Solar systems whether it's Grid tie or Hybrid or both we can design a system for your needs.

You can utilize the energy from your panels and support your loads while there's sunshine and if any energy is left over it'll be exported to the grid where you'll get credit per killowatt hour. Whether you would like to offset your power bill by shaving some of your power bill off or the majority it will depend on your budget.

Grid tie or Hybrid, what's the difference?

They are essentially both connected to the grid for exporting power. The difference is the Hybrid can also send energy into batteries for energy use while no energy being produced either at night or on a cloudy day where minimal production will occur given they're charged.


The Sungrow inverters we usually use are quite sophisticated and have live viewing on an app with graphs showing load, solar production, energy export etc. These come in various sizes depending on your needs.  These come with a 10 year warranty


The batteries we typically use are BYD lithium iron which stack on top of each other looking like a beehive and come in various capacity depending on the application and system design.  These come with a 10 year warranty.

Solar panels

As technology has progressed the solar panels have become very energy efficient with split cell technology with regards to shading to get the most energy out of panels etc.  These come with 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear power warranty.

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